Monday, January 18, 2010

Surprise at Mass and Mary Travers

Part I
The other day at mass (I am Episcopalian not Roman Catholic, just clarifying I like the Romans too :) we were saying prayers for the people. After the usual groups (bishops, clergy, elected officials, those in need, etc...) someone in the congregation requested a prayer for the servicefolks in harms way. This is not unusual at St. Bartholomew's or anywhere I would imagine. Then, however, he also requested prayers for the terrorists and all that would seek to do us harm. It was literally the first time in my life that I had seen anyone other than clergy ask for prayers for terrorists, killers, etc... It was quite refreshing to see someone other than clergy actually following Christ's teaching to pray for those who hate you. I find it easier to pray for a large group like that (ie terrorists) than it is to pray for individual people who I know and have done me wrong. Make no mistake, I do it. However, it seems a little more difficult to do. It also made me wonder exactly how different the world would be if Christians throughout time had actually done this instead of making war. I don't know, what do y'all think?
Part II
RIP Mary Travers. She was a woman who was using her God-given gifts to make the world a better place. I pray that she finds peace in the hereafter; though I am not too worried about her :) The same for Crystal Lee Sutton. She is the real life inspiration for the film Norma Rae and she passed very recently as well. I was touched by the fact that she left her collection of papers and works to Alamance Community College and not a four year university. She said she wanted the average working people to be able to access them. Amen to that. I was dissapointed to find out that she lived in Burlington, NC. I went to college there. I would like to have met her. Many of my family members worked in a cotton mill at some point in their lives. Efforts from people like Ms. Sutton made it possible for realy people to have a better working environment. The spirits of these two women live on not only in our hearts but in God and in the human effort to care for our neighbors.

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